Thursday, January 15, 2015

what I'm into (1/15/15)

I started reading this classic kids lit to the kids several times, and each time I failed to finish. There is something about the way it is told- I don't read it well, and the kids grew bored. I decided to try one more time, on audio this time. And it is wonderful! The kids love listening this way. We have been curling up at bedtime and the gentle voices absolutely whisper the kids to sleep. It also saves my voice when I am tired in the evening. I am thinking we need to "read" many of the classics this way.  

(Next up: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We decided to splurge and ordered the theatrical version. I have been waiting to read this with the kids and I think they are finally old enough. So exciting!)

Dutch Blitz 
Sam got this game for Christmas, and we are addicted. I love that the kids are old enough to play fun games- and we have moved past Candy Land.

The Pioneer Woman Granola Bars


The Art of Asking- Jim got me this for Christmas, I think after googling books for creative types- or something like that. It's not a book I would have thought to pick-up, and I joked about the title- does this mean I need to start asking for help? But as I'm reading I am surprised- yes, I do need to start asking for help. This is something that I am terrible at- thankful for the unexpected nudge.

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