Thursday, February 19, 2015

a stopping off point

Lent begins. I feel wilderness lurking. There is darkness I am reluctant to enter.

Lent is a choice. There are no rules, no compulsion, no enforced fasts.

And so is the journey of the Christian life. One could stop at anytime.

It is possible to linger, placate, indefinitely. What temptation is this? A slowness that grabs from within. Drags my feet. Shortens my vision.

There are nice views and plenty of friends and distractions here. I know what I know. I am who I am.
Busy, of course. And winning or losing, lonely, obligated, fat or thin, coveting, bored. These things require my attention. What is Lent again?

A stopping off point. The place to drop our luggage and decide- is it worth going on? The climb is long, and only growing steeper. Within and without, there are terrible places I'd prefer to avoid. Within and without, there are battles I don't have energy to wage. Humiliation I hate. Loss I fear.

Who wants to venture through the next wilderness when I could unpack, quite comfortably, here.

But there is the sweetest voice calling me. Higher up, further in.

{Remember the mountains we climbed? For days and days, up and up, and how it burned. And then- the view. And then- the soar. What if we'd stopped?}

The road is hard.

The road is glorious.

We repent of loving You, Lord, so little because we have loved ourselves too much-The Call for the Next Forty Days

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