Friday, February 6, 2015

What a normal week looks like for us

Oh how I love a good, steady, normal week. Funny how a normal week is the exception. And funny how homeschool doesn't necessarily mean we are always at home.

I love to read how other families organize their weeks, so I thought I would share ours.

One of the things I love about homeschool is the rhythm. Typically we aren't at home too much or on the go too much, and there is enough time in the margins for things I believe are really important: tinkering on the piano, drawing, reading, making meals, doing chores, playing.

This is what a normal week looks like for us:

Two days we are at home all day. These days I really try to maximize our lessons. We will do a good long review of our memory work, fit in all of the subjects, and read aloud longer. Generally this will last from about 9:00 to 1:30 or 2:00, with a break and lunch. After lessons the girls have quiet time and then play outside. This is the first year I don't have to be outside with them. (!!!!!!!)

Usually quiet time is when I get to my to-do list. Anything I think of throughout the week I add to a list on my phone- look-up ideas for Latin memory work, order books from the library, appointments I need to schedule. Occasionally I will have time to read.

While they are outside I am beginning dinner and taking care of housework. Laundry also is done on these days, bedding, deeper cleaning upstairs or down. It sounds like a lot, but it is amazing how much can get done in an hour while I'm watching the kids out the window. Listening to audio books while I work means that I look forward to this time of day.

As soon as Jim is home we eat dinner. Jim and I are currently doing Whole30, (which takes all the pleasure out of meal time). It does simplify things. Meat. Vegetable. Salad. The kids are awesome at eating what we eat (I've never been a short-order cook), but I usually give them rice or something extra.

One day a week we are at Classical Conversations. After CC a friend and I swap kids each week- one week she gets the afternoon off, the next week I do. We are so blessed by these friends who have three daughters the same ages as ours. They are growing up together and each pair are the best of friends. I thank God all the time for this sweet friendship. It is truly a gift.

One morning a week our fabulous babysitter comes for three hours. I give Sam and Annie a checklist of work to complete on their own. Bridget helps them and keeps Josie entertained. I think they look forward to: 1, a break from me and 2, to work independently and 3, everybody LOVES Bridget. So if the work is complete when I get home, we get to go to the library in the afternoon. It is always complete. Sam and Annie both have their own library cards which they think is the coolest thing ever.

One day is our floater day. It seems there is usually something extra- a playdate, a field trip, etc. Usually on this day we do a bare bones curriculum- only math and piano, and then listen to our CC review cd and Story of the World in the car. Today for example we are going to the museum.

In the evenings we are gone two nights for lessons and one for a small group Bible study.

Mornings I wake early to read and write. The kids are allowed to watch t.v. after they wake up until 8:00.

Saturday mornings I have a writing deadline which I try to finish as soon as possible so we can spend the day as a family. Once on a weekend we eat out. We try to be intentional to observe a Sabbath rest.

There still isn't time for everything I want to do. I don't exercise, and I need to. There is never a good time to go to the grocery store and I put it off longer than I should. There are plenty of days when I'd really like to follow my own agenda rather than catering to everyone else's (who doesn't?). But overall our weeks are steady and good. It is a full schedule, but not hurried and I love it.

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